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To create is to transform--turning something ordinary into something extraordinary--an alchemic process unique to each Creative.  We become magicians in the space between words and sentences, flowers and designs, notes and song. In that invisible space between, ideas are transmuted into things that evoke feelings and connection. 

From the Earth Creative is the culmination of the realization that, all along, my creative gifts have one thing in common: they connect people to their highest selves and to each other; and through that connection, I am able to provide opportunities for healing and transformation. 


The place from which I create is both 'from the earth' and 'from the Spirit'. I'm strongly guided by my intuition and empathic connection to people. It's how I can match a centerpiece perfectly with a dining room color scheme I've never even seen (it's happens a lot!).  By putting the MAGIC first, I am able to cultivate and grow a creative healing arts practice that expresses all my gifts; and through my voice, my words, my flowers, my hands, my heart, and my soul, I help others to live in joy and balance with the earth and spirit. 

Put simply, I am a Creative. I create things. Lots of things. I arrange flowers, I design parties and special events. I write songs, I produce concerts. I make healing crafts and healing spaces.  And those are just some of the things I'm lucky enough to get paid to create. While creating comes to me as naturally as riding a bicycle (or a horse!), being creative isn't simple. It's magical. It's alchemy.

Feather Rustic 1.png

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