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Private Sessions

I am from the Earth. I am from the Stars. 

I am a creative, radiant being

who is one with my highest self.

  • Restore Balance & Peace of Mind

  • Connect More Deeply with Your Soul Fire

  • Reconnect with the Magic of Mother Earth

  • Replenish Depleted Energy

  • Cultivate an Inspired & Enchanted Life

  • Heal a Grieving Heart

  • Invite Wonderment

  • Find Your Joy

Book your Private Session with Amy today and 



"AMY POTTER is the magical being you have been looking for who will HEAR and SEE you. She will meet you where you are, and help you go beyond that barrier. She is highly attuned to that realm where healing and intuition and creative impulses are birthed. Through all her experiences and trainings, Amy is then able to bring forth the wisdom and healing and creation called for, to you and me, to your horse, and companion animals. She creates beauty, health and wholeness from what seemed chaotic and broken. This is who she is, and it is a real pleasure to see her work and energy opening to touch more and more lives for the better. I highly recommend Amy."

Yukiko Amaya


Priestess of Avalon, Energy Healer, Mentor and Shamanic Practitioner

  • Make Room for More Magic!

    1 hr 30 min
    144 US dollars
  • Total Body Balance for Your Horse

    1 hr
    111 US dollars
  • Create Room for Magic (from your own room)!

    1 hr 30 min
    144 US dollars
  • An Energetic 'Spring Clean' for any time of year!

    1 hr
  • Balance the Body for a Happier, Healthier Pet!

    1 hr
    111 US dollars
  • An energetic impression in watercolor with reading.

    30 min
    144 US dollars
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