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Healing Arts

Amy's sessions help you live an inspired life, deeply rooted in your soul’s calling, and open you up to a way of seeing and being in the world that turns the ordinary into something extraordinary every single day. Book a session now to:

I am from the Earth. I am from the Stars. I am a creative, radiant beingwho is one with my highest self.

  • Restore Balance & Peace of Mind

  • Receive Guidance on Living More in Alignment with Your Soul Calling

  • Connect More Deeply with Your Soul Fire

  • Reconnect with the Magic of Mother Earth

  • Replenish Energy

  • Cultivate an Inspired & Enchanted Life

  • Invite in wisdom from Spirit Guides & Ancestors

  • Support for Grief & Loss

  • Find Your Joy

Book your Private Session with Amy today and 


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Equine Reiki & Sportsmassage


Horses, like all animals, are energetic beings who can benefit greatly from being more in balance. Any number of stressors can cause imbalances in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies:



~Changes in barn, ownership, pasture mates

~Transitions in career/retirement


Where there are blocks in energy, there is dis-ease which over time can manifest as disease: eg, lameness, gastric issues, depression, anxiety, etc.. Reiki, a natural healing modality that uses universal life force energy to encourage a deep relaxed state of being, restores the flow of energy throughout the body, thus creating an ideal state for self-healing. 


The healing energy of Reiki is complimented by Amy's training as an Equine Massage Therapist in the Wilson-Meagher Method of Sportsmassage. Not only does massage improve performance by increasing the range of motion, it is also important preventative therapy--where there is tightness, there is potential for injury. 


~Prevent Injury

~Boost Confidence in Horse & Rider

~Increase Range of Motion/Better Performance

~Build Stronger Relationship between Horse & Rider

~Calm Anxious & Nervous Horses

Amy also utilizes her keen intuitive abilities along with the healing frequencies of plants, flowers and crystals. Her sessions are informed by her 35+ years as an Equestrian and horse owner in the Hunter/Jumpers. She competed on the A Circuit as a junior/amateur, worked as a groom and managed barns. She has extensive experience with equine management and works closely with integrative veterinarians, osteopaths, farriers and acupuncturists to assist in supporting your horse's well being. 

Not sure if Reiki & Massage are right for your horse? Amy loves talking shop, so give her a call or send an email if you'd like to hear more about the healing wonders of her sessions.​


"Amy has the innate ability to connect with each individual horse and directly address their issues without making them feel overwhelmed or nervous. If a horse isn’t ready then she doesn’t press the issue, but takes baby steps in gaining their trust and willingness to participate in energy work. The difference- physically and mentally- in each horse I’ve asked her to work with has been incredible! Horse owners and managers will also learn from the experience of working with Amy and reap the benefits of her insight and knowledge, which help tremendously in developing a training and/or care program for each individual horse. "

Katy Carter | Professional Rider, Competitor, Fox Hunter, Barn Manager

Katy Carter

"Amy has become such an important part of how I treat and look after my dogs and horses. I don't know where I'd be without her! She's helped with colic, sore muscles, general discomfort and stress with all of them! My one dog sucks her thumb like a pacifier ;). She's a wonder, and brings so much light and love."

~Dana Voorhees | Eventer


Amy & Elvish


"Amy’s horse was stalled across from mine and I observed her amazing hands on therapy work magic on the horses. In one case my horse had a bad fungus in is right ear and violently wouldn’t allow anyone to touch it. Amy gently worked with him and got him to not only tolerate the medication but lower his head so I could easily treat it. A real miracle In my book!"

Teresa McDermott | Hunter Jumper

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