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"It's my job and my art to translate people's Spirit in flowers." 

~Amy Potter

My foray into the magical world of Floral Arts was as a part-time shop girl at a local florist in Middleburg, Virginia. My life long love affair with flowers landed me the job, and my insatiable impulse to create beauty led me to my 20+ year career in Floral & Event Design. 

I opened my retail shop, Country Way, in 2004; and after almost a decade of countless weddings and holidays, I decided to transition to a private studio out of our home. 

After I closed my retail store, I took a break from the high stress world of event florals and did a lot of soul searching. The truth of the matter was I was terribly unhappy, super stressed, and didn't want to be in the business anymore. My body and Spirit were saying, 'You have to find another way.' In that time, I was guided into the magical healing world of Reiki and energy work which opened me up to the realization that, all along, my floral designs healed people: they created sacred space for unions, they soothed broken hearts, they connected us to loved ones who were no longer earthly beings. My flowers connected people to the earth, to each other, and to the deepest parts of themselves. 

From the Earth Creative was born out of my calling to help people reconnect with their magic, and that begins by being rooted in the magic of Mother Earth.

I now take a select amount of weddings and events each year, spending the majority of my time with other facets of the Floral Arts in my workshops, private healing sessions, my garden & Apothecary.


Floral Arts

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