My Philosophy of Flowers

"It is my job--and my art--to translate a person's spirit through my designs." 

~Amy Potter

When I opened my first floral & event design business, Country Way, fifteen years ago, I had the lofty goals of someone who was obsessed with Martha Stewart from a young age (I think I was twelve when I bought Entertaining and started dreaming about grand events with edible flowers and food that looked too pretty to eat). I wanted to be published in magazines and known for  meticulously appointed packages and swoon worthy designs.  I did a good job of realizing that vision: our bouquets were wrapped in toile tissue and tied in French satin and velvet ribbons, our designs graced the pages of glossy magazines and trendy blogs.  Our name was synonymous with country elegance. But the flip side of success was not as pretty. When I wasn't in the studio or on a job site working stupid hours, I was networking or doing styled photo shoots with the countless other exhausted event professionals. Even if I did have a night off, I was too tired to enjoy anything other than crawling into bed. For what?? So, we could prove to the bloggers and brides that we're trendsetters? So we could try to book another bride whose sole concern was for her wedding to be published?

So, I took a break. A long break.


I spent time with my pretty fantastic husband and my family (including my furry critters). I played more music--recorded an album. I worked on friends' weddings. I did a lot of yoga. And I did a whole lotta soul searching......

In those years, with the guidance and love of my friends, I began to understand that my flowers had helped people beyond just bringing something pretty to their lives. The basket of lilac when my friend's mother passed away (white lilac were her favorite), the christmas tree I put up every year for my client who can no longer physically do it herself, choosing special containers for weddings because they suit the bride's personality to a 'T'--those choices were meaningful to people. My flowers helped heal, they brought joy, they celebrated love, they connected people.  Of course, they had done this all along, but I was too busy with the 'industry' to notice the spiritual place from which my designs were born.  

From the Earth Creative places the transformative nature of my design approach at the heart of my business. The beauty that flowers and decor add to an event is their ability to turn an ordinary space into something extraordinary and unique to each person with whom I work. I believe it's my job--and my art--to translate their spirit with my floral designs thus creating a magical, if not sacred, space that connects us back to the earth and to each other. 

© 2017 by Amy Potter, From the Earth Creative

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