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American Roots Revival Concert Series (formerly American Roots Revue), held at Buchanan Hall in Upperville, VA came out of my passion for the unique music of our country's diverse musical heritage--a patchwork quilt of sorts that eventually came together to birth genres like Country Western and Rock 'n Roll.  I wanted ARR to showcase how modern musicians, specifically songwriters performing original material, are paying homage to our musical roots, each concert highlighting a different genre. The scope of my work included all aspects of production: conceptual design, talent buying,  community outreach, staffing, sponsorships, ticket sales, staffing, and art direction:  set design, web design, marketing materials, logo, and merchandise. I was also instrumental in securing a generous grant that enabled Buchanan Hall to purchase a new sound system and other furnishings necessary for the series, as well as to fund things like a professional sound engineer for each show, all of which I oversaw. By the time the doors opened for the first show April 2nd 2017, ARR was already showing a profit. 

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